Governance exists to increase transparency and align decision making for planning, policy and operations in order to meet business objectives, ascertain that risks are managed appropriately, and verify that resources are being used responsibly and strategically.

The One Washington program touches all corners of Washington state government. Accordingly, the program governance structure will include a diverse set of representatives from a wide range of stakeholder groups from both IT and business functions impacted by the decisions of the program.

  • At the core of the program’s governance is the Program Leadership team.  The Program Director is the single point of contact for the day-to-day management of the interests of the program and is responsible for ensuring that desired program outcomes and objectives are delivered. The program director is also accountable for the program’s strategy and direction and is aided by the program leadership team which is comprised of both vendor support from industry experts and internal staff.
  • The Executive Sponsor is responsible to the enterprise for the success of the project. The Executive Sponsor facilitates the rapid resolution of issues and decisions that cannot be agreed upon or resolved among the other project governance teams. The Project Sponsor is responsible for securing spending authority and resources for the project. The Project Sponsor acts as a vocal and visible champion of the program’s goals and objectives, keeps abreast of major program activities, and is a decision-maker for the program. The Project Sponsor provides support for the Program Director; assists with major issues, problems, and policy conflicts; and removes obstacles.
  • The Steering Committee articulates a vision for the program across the enterprise. Its role is to ensure that business expectations are clearly understood by all stakeholders and that the program direction aligns with business priorities. The Steering Committee is comprised of leadership from agencies across the enterprise.
  • The Advisory Groups serve as the most diverse body both in representation (including agency leadership, legislative advisors, local government representation, technical / operations supporters, change management champions, and business function experts) and in scope of advice and consultation. The Advisory groups will provide a forum to collect user input. They provide input and feedback needed to help the program team understand the user needs and set a strategic direction for ongoing activities.
  • The Customer group is a diverse set of stakeholders ranging from agency users, legislative decision makers, and community constituents. The One Washington Transformation Administrator will work with each of these groups both directly and through change management leaders to provide constant communication, necessary training, and a mechanism for feedback.

Over the course of time, the One Washington program will maintain a flexible governance process that will allow right-time consultation with subject matter expertise, stakeholders and industry experts, and the formation of additional formal or informal groups in a fashion that improves the decision-making process and the outcomes for the program overall.