Strategic partner competitive procurement

The Office of Financial Management conducted a Strategic Partner Competitive Procurement (SPCP) process to select a strategic partner to assist with the activities that will be required throughout the transformation envisioned by the One Washington Program. In April 2017, Accenture was selected as the state’s Strategic Partner.

The long-term strategic partner will assist the state with planning, phasing and structuring business transformation and system implementations so that each can be achieved in incremental, fundable projects. The Strategic Partner may support not only the planning, but the completion of projects under the One Washington Program.

One Washington recognizes that the “typical” approach for business transformation programs is to select a software product with an integrator or select the software product first with subsequent selection of an integration vendor. Recognizing Washington’s funding environment challenges and the complexity of the transformation effort, One Washington used a non-traditional approach to select a strategic partner who will be available on an ongoing basis to assist the state as needed. This approach will allow One Washington to work within funding provided by the Legislature while minimizing the risks associated with large scale “all or nothing” implementations.

The strategic partner will help One Washington with many components of work over many years. The first Statement of Work (SOW) under the umbrella contract is for long-term strategic partner staffing. The second SOW is for a blueprint mapping the many phases, timelines, incremental projects and budget needs of the program.

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