Governance exists to increase transparency and align decision making for planning, policy and operations in order to meet business objectives, ascertain that risks are managed appropriately, and verify that resources are being used responsibly and strategically.

The One Washington program touches all corners of Washington state government. Accordingly, the program governance structure includes a diverse set of representatives from a wide range of stakeholder groups from both IT and business functions impacted by the decisions of the program.  

OneWa governance structure. See details in the following paragraphs.




Description of the One Washington governance triangle: This visual depicts the hierarchy of statewide decision making. Starting with the bottom base of the pyramid are the work streams and team leads who handle the daily decision making. Up from that is the project management office which is responsible for the bulk of operational decision making for the program. Up from that is the business transform board called the BTB. The board has operational leaders from multiple agencies and includes statewide business owners in finance, procurement, human resources and budget.  Decisions that impact more than one business function area are made a this level.  Above that is the executive steering committee or ESC where decisions on strategy, scope, schedule and budget are made. Executive leaders from across the executive branch make up the ESC. Business owners inform the ESC but are not voting members of the ESC. Finally, the top of the governance structure is the executive sponsor. 

Off to the left side of the pyramid sits both the advisory committees and the business owners.  The statewide business owners in the areas of finance, procurement, human resources and budget interact at most levels of the governance triangle. Business owners advise work streams and team leaders and chair four advisory committees. Business owners are voting members of the BTB. Business owners attends ESC meetings and inform the ESC but are not voting members of the ESC. Additionally, there are three advisory committees that are chaired by the project management office. The One Washington program maintains a flexible governance process that allows right-time consultation with subject matter expertise, stakeholders and industry experts. The objective is enterprise-wide strategic thinking and information-based decision-making to achieve program outcomes. Detailed descriptions of each governance level are below.

Executive Sponsor

The executive sponsor has authority to make decisions on any matter escalated by the ESC or the executive directors. Most decisions are expected to be made by subordinate governance bodies.

Executive Steering Committee

The ESC has authority to make decisions on scope, schedule, and budget as well as matters escalated by the BTB, executive directors, program director, and/or business owners. The steering committee meets monthly. 

Business Transformation Board

The BTB has authority to make high-level operational decisions that impact the program and agencies.  The BTB makes decisions on issues that are enterprise-wide across agencies and business functions. 

Project Management Office

The PMO has authority to make daily operational decisions. The PMO triages matters escalated by the project’s workstream teams, and has authority to make decisions on matters regarding the planning, executing, and reporting tasks/activities to complete the project’s scope of work within the parameters of the program performance measures. The PMO chairs three advisory committees.

Work Streams / Team Leads

Work streams and team leads have authority to make daily operational decisions within specific work streams.

Business Owners

Business owners are statewide leaders in finance, procurement, human resources and budget. They are a key part of the governance structure. The business owner group is not a decision-making body within the One Washington governance structure. However business owners have decision-making authority and influence throughout the governance structure. Business owners have decision-making authority as voting members of the BTB. Business owners also provide strategic leadership at the ESC level and provide functional leadership and collaboration at the PMO level. Business owners chair advisory committees and also provide advice to work streams / team leads.

Advisory Committees

Advisory committees advise the business owners, the PMO and the BTB on matters relating to each advisory committee's expertise. There are advisory committees for: finance, procurement, budget, human resources, organizational change management, technical and data governance.

 Here are the membership rosters for the One Washington governance groups.

Executive Sponsor

Cristie Fredrickson, One Washington Executive Sponsor, OFM

Executive Steering Committee

Chair: Cristie Fredrickson, Executive Sponsor, One Washington

Name Agency Title
Emily Beck Office of Financial Management Deputy Director
Megan Duffy Recreation and Conservation Office Director
Cami Feek Employment Security Department Commissioner
Tracy Guerin Department of Retirement Systems Director
William (Bill) Kehoe Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) Director / State Chief Information Officer
Michael Mann Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program (non-voting member) Administrator
Lou McDermott Health Care Authority Deputy Director
Jeff Pelton Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary, Finance and Administrative Services
Tara Smith Department of Enterprise Services Director
Kelly Wicker Office of Governor Inslee Deputy Chief of Staff

Business Transformation Board

Chair: Mary Fliss

Name Agency Title
Megan Atkinson Health Care Authority Chief Financial Officer
Howard Cox Department of Enterprise Services Senior Project Manager
Danielle Cruver Employment Security Department Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Darnell Department of Ecology Fiscal Manager
Michaela Doelman Office of Financial Management Chief Human Resources Officer
Dianne Doonan Department of Corrections Assistant Comptroller - Strategic Planning
Heidi Geathers Department of Revenue Senior Assistant Director of Administrative Services
Rebecca Linville Department of Enterprise Services Contracts & Procurement Deputy Assistant Director
Rene Newkirk Department of Children, Youth, & Families Chief Financial Officer
Rich Pannkuk Department of Social & Health Services Deputy Assistant Secretary FFA
Janel Roper State Auditor's Office Director of Administrative Services
Nona Snell Office of Financial Management Assistant Director, Budget
Morgan Stinson Department of Fish & Wildlife Chief Financial Officer
Brian Tinney Office of Financial Management Assistant Director, Accounting
Doug Vaughn Department of Transportation Chief Financial Officer
Randi Warick Labor and Industries Deputy Director of Financial Management

Advisory Committees

Organizational Change Management

Chair: Tammi Leclerc, Agency Readiness Team Director, OFM

Name Agency
Cyndee Baugh Department of Revenue
Max Brown Office of Financial Management
Cindy Cotter Department of Enterprise Services
Patty Danner Department of Licensing
James Dunivan Department of Natural Resources
Janice Henry Department of Ecology
Keturah Knutson Washington State Legislature
Kevin Li Department of Ecology
Stacii McKeon Department of Social and Health Services
Jessicarae Nunez Department of Health
Sheri Oakes Labor and Industries
Robin Rozene Department of Veterans Affairs
Jesse Walker Labor and Industries

Data Governance

Chair: Lori Jones, Data Governance Program Manager, OFM

Name Agency
Kenneth Adams Office of Financial Management (IT)
Bryce Andersen Office of Financial Management (Budget)
Kevin Feltus Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program
Denise Flatt Office of Financial Management (Statewide HR)
Larry Gruginski Department of Transportation
Ben Guyer Office of Financial Management (OneWa finance team)
Prabhjot Kaur Office of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises
Dineen Kilmer Health Care Authority
Robin Kingery Department of Social and Health Services
Tara Lindholm State Auditor's Office
Rebecca Linville Department of Enterprise Services
Michiko Quach Department of Natural Resources
Will Saunders Department of Licensing
Angela Wharton Labor and Industries


Chair: Ann Bruner, Chief Technology Officer, OFM

Name Agency
Scott Bream Office of CyberSecurity
Jerry Britcher Health Care Authority
Brandee Duning Department of Licensing
Phil Gardener Labor and Industries
Will Harkrider Office of Financial Management (IT)
Bijal Karia Department of Enterprise Services
Matt Modarelli Department of Transportation
Aaron Munn State Auditor's Office
Chau Nguyen Department of Social and Health Services
Michael Pearson Department of Corrections
Mark Quimby Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech)
Tom Wallace Washington State Patrol


Chair: Brian Tinney, Assistant Director, Accounting, OFM

Name Agency
Rachelle Amerine Health Care Authority
Dan Ashby Health Care Authority
Cathy Cale Department of Retirement Systems
Rob Cotton Labor and Industries
Sharon Elias Employment Security Department
Sandi Fairchild Department of Revenue
Cindy Kay Department of Transportation
Ed Maynard Department of Social and Health Services
Denise Nguyen Office of the State Treasurer
Lee Rolle Department of Fish and Wildlife
Mariann Schols Department of Social and Health Services
Lance Yount Labor and Industries


Chair: Cheral Manke, Marketing Relationship Manager, DES

Name Agency
Renae Cheney Department of Transportation
Vacant DSHS Position Department of Social and Health Services
Daryl Huntsinger Department of Corrections
Bonnie Lindstrom Office of Financial Management
Simon Tee Washington State Patrol
Heidi Whisman Department of Revenue
Tammie Wilson Labor and Industries
Greg Zayas Department of Licensing


Chair: Nona Snell, Assistant Director, Budget, OFM

Name Agency
Megan Atkinson Health Care Authority
Amber Coulson Department of Transportation
Gerrit Eades Department of Licensing
Deborah Feinstein Office of Administrative Hearings
Mark Feldhausen Department of Retirement Systems
Ashley Howard Department of Enterprise Services
Crystal Lester Department of Children, Youth, and Families
Michael Paquette Health Care Authority
Steven Puvogel (advisory member) Office of Financial Management (Budget)
Dan Winkley Department of Social and Health Services

Human Capital Management

Chair: Kelly Woodward, Deputy Assistant Director State Human Resources, OFM

There is currently no one assigned to this committee.