Technical Resources

The following is a listing of the One Washington strategy documents that relate to the software selection process, system integrator process, and the agency implementation of the enterprise resource planning system. These six strategy documents are broken out into three categories: data, integration and business analytics. These are “living documents” – please note the version and the date on the cover page of each document.

Agency Legacy System Remediation or Retirement


  • Data governance strategy (pdf): an umbrella document for the One Washington program. It provides guidance for data management, conversion and other data related initiatives that may be utilized by the software vendor, system integrator and/or the state of Washington.
  • Data management strategy (pdf): overall guidance for all data-related activities (data integration, data conversion etc.) and will be governed by the data governance strategy defined above.
  • Data conversion overview (pdf): the strategic direction for the conversion of legacy data to enable the ERP system to operate throughout the phases of the One Washington implementation.


  • Data integration strategy (pdf): a guidance document for all types of data integration components for all phases.
  • Integration plan (pdf): converts the strategic direction to an actionable plan to drive the architecture/build/delivery of the data integration components.
  • Crosswalk clarification document (pdf): It is common practice in enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations to leverage crosswalks to manage data translations between the ERP (Workday) and legacy systems. This crosswalk clarification document provides the definition and purpose of the One Washington crosswalks, also provides examples of integration use cases for the enterprise integration crosswalk (EIC). Versioned July 2022. 

Business Analytics 

State Agency Readiness