Phase 1A Deployment Approach

The Deployment Approach refers to how the Workday functionalities in scope for Phase 1A will be implemented in Washington State.

All agencies will go-live on Workday at the same time - with some approved exceptions. Those exceptions are determined based on an agency's Legacy System Remediation (LSR) work and which, if any, systems will need to remain in-use after July 1, 2025, until they are able to complete their LSR work. Individual agency remediation schedules will be complete in the summer of 2023. 

Agency systems that will not be remediated until after July 1, 2025 will utilize crosswalks for a designated period of time. 

Information on One Washington Crosswalks can be found in The Way Forward Crosswalk Clarification Report, July 2022. 

The Way Forward Crosswalk Clarification cover page, 2022