Phase 1A Goals

One Washington Financial Transformation Goals

Improve the effectiveness of State Government through the replacement of Washington's core financial system, the Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS).

  • Reduce the risk of catastrophic system failure, as well as the major backlog of needed system improvements, by replacing AFRS and TRAINS with Workday, a software as a service (SAAS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.
  • Make Workday the source of the state's enterprise financial truth, and the data available, accurate, auditable and secured.
  • Provide an enterprise data reporting system that is flexible and usable enough for agencies to efficiently meet their own reporting and data needs.
  • Ensure access to data is provided at the appropriate level including making data consumable by other applications to inform cross-discipline decision making.
  • Use a forward-thinking approach to the first phase of implementation to provide a strong foundation and ensure that future functionality deployment (procurement, HR/payroll, budget) can be successful.
  • Maintain the value of the state's modernization investment through a sustainment and governance model committed to continuous improvement, optimization and agency involvement.
  • Eliminate agency dependence on legacy processes and technologies by leveraging modern, industry standard solutions, and by supporting agencies in their modernization efforts.


Transform financial business processes through both innovation and improvements supported by technology.

  • Automate financial and administrative processes, freeing our workforce to focus on more strategic, creative and valuable work.
  • Standardize business processes and workflows to utilize Workday.
  • Increase efficiency through standardized workflows and automated processes. For example:
    • Create enterprise-wide processes and procedures to manage, track and report on financial activities
    • Improve the state enterprise allocation processes to provide greater transparency and provide more detailed reports of spending.
    • Use Workday to simplify complex transactions (e.g., treasury reconciliations, interagency payments etc.)
    • Define a common foundational accounting language that we can use throughout the enterprise.
    • Maximize the ability of both internal (agency users) and external (vendors, suppliers etc.) customers to accomplish their work without any outside assistance,
    • Implement and adhere to centralized governance processes and agreements to minimize non-standard solutions.


Continue to provide the tools and resources for agencies to develop or train and invest in the financial workforce of today and tomorrow.

  • Support a financial workforce devoted to learning and growth anchored in a culture of continuous improvement
  • Through standardized tools and business processes, enhance the success and interagency mobility of our workforce.
  • Enrich and improve the work experience of the financial workforce by providing modern tools, streamlining administrative tasks and delivering training and development opportunities.