Phase 1A Project Schedule

A schedule is a map of the network of tasks that must be completed to deliver a complex outcome like the replacement of the state’s core financial administrative services. It is a model that will be a fundamental tool for managing the work and delivering the desired result on behalf of the state. 

One Washington has created a portfolio of schedules to:  

  • Ensure all the work of the program is described—no invisible work.

  • Identify the resources required to complete the work of the program and enable the program to monitor and manage this capacity.

  • Be used by every team member every day to guide us on the work that needs to be accomplished and when.

  • Understand the relationship between tasks and workstreams and how they are interrelated to the project as a whole, thus strengthening our collaboration. 

  • Model downstream and cascading effects when tasks fall behind, or when we learn of new needs, new information, or other surprises.

  • Strategize how to overcome real and potential barriers to project success.

  • The schedules will serve as the foundation for managing the work of One Washington and driving our results.


One Washington Phase 1A Project Plan

The full Phase 1A project schedule is available in PDF format.  These resources will be updated periodically to represent progress and any changes. If you and your agency intend to do intensive planning using our project schedule, please reach out to and a member of our schedule team will make sure you have the most up to date file for your needs.

The image links to the Phase 1A project schedule for One Washington